Monday, May 2, 2011

summer time lovin, lovin in the summer time

It's MAY. Finally! The best month of the entire year is upon us. What does this mean?


And while it may seem cuh-razy to dedicate an entire post to flip-flops, I really can't help myself. From Chinese descent, flip-flops (also referred to as  thong sandals, zories, slip slaps, thongs, pluggers, toesies, jandals or slippers) are probably the most comfortable shoe known to man.

These (to the left) are from American Eagle Outfitters and I absolutely adore them. They're faux-leather, with an intricate braided silhouette and they come in Mauce Glow, White, and Mushroom.

These are my first very practical/stylish/affordable choice for new summer shoes.

My very impractical/chic/never gonna happen choice would be these gorgeous ninety five dollar D&G logo flip flops.

Cute? Yes. Possible? Not on my budget :(

p.s. Did you hear about Osama Bin Laden? Score for Team Obama! I smell a re-election!