Thursday, April 28, 2011

by the bolt

Our newest project in fashion in the ever stylish messenger bag.

Messenger bags were similar to the fugly burlap sacks most mailmen (or mail women) use to haul around the loads.

Now they're more urbanized and chic (like the camel colored Prada messenger on the left).

I've been surfing the net (surprise, surprise) for the past hour desperately trying to find some kind of inspiration. I want my back to be reversible, with maybe two adjustable straps instead of one, and a circular flap embellished with fabric flower petals.

The fabric is a pretty shade of ivory, with a few messy french scribbles and some soft looking pale pink roses. My lining is white with an interesting Indian/native looking pattern in dark navy.

The bag will be pretty (I'm sure) but I was hoping for some dazzling design ideas. Any advice?