Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hmph. I've been contemplating this for a while but I've finally made a decision. I've had the same music library since I turn thirteen and got my first iPod (three whole years ago). Now here I am sixteen with a brand spanking new (used) iPhone 3G and I still haven't bothered to get rid of incredibly strange mix of gangsta rap and screamo alternative that I was so in love with back in seventh grade. I'm a complete pack rat ( seriously I've still got my Chuck Taylor's from fifth grade).

So now I'm simultaneously typing this and deleting all the trashy tunes I don't listen to. Over 3,500 songs and I listen to the same eighteen repeatedly. Replacing Tyga, My Chemical Romance and Scary Kids Scaring Kids will be my new indie-folk favourites: Florence + the machine, Arctic Monkeys, Band of Horses, and Duffy.

Since music is the theme of the day, I ought to mention all the music events I'm dying to attend this summer.
1) Lollapalooza of course, is number one. It's hosted by founder Perry Ferrel of Jane's Addiction in Chicago for three days and I've always wanted to go.
2) The iTunes Music Festival which is currently going on in London and will continue until the 31st.
3) Warped Tour which is a traveling show and the bands go city to city performing every year. The next show is only a few hours from where I live so this one might actually happen (!).