Monday, June 20, 2011

excuse me for a second

Justin Bieber and Selena GomezI just have to take a minute to let out my inner fangirl. Four years ago when Disney Channel debuted its newest hit Wizards of Waverly Place I had serious doubts. 

It was another typical Disney Channel Show: a snarky female tween lead, her annoying brothers (both of which would stay the same height while she grew taller each passing season), and the ever present magic theme that needed to be tied into every episode.

I was, of course, completely accurate in my assessment and the show ran straight for the past four years. But now Miss Selena Gomez has gone from Disney's newest It Girl to Americas Sweet Heart. She's even dating Americas Boyfriend Justin Beiber (insert squeal here!). 

Her latest single "Who Says"from the album When the Sun Goes Down by Selena Gomez & the Scene is actually really wonderful. 

In addition to her blossoming music career she's go the lead role in the romantic comedy Monte Carlo. Now thats she's ditched the Disney duds and started pursuing an actual career I may have to start taking Miss Gomez more seriously.