Tuesday, August 16, 2011

white jeans are cool again

According to Seventeen Magazine, white jeans are back in style even after Labor Day. I'm worried about this so called "trend". I hope it doesn't stick around for long. I just find them troublesome and not worth the effort.

Anyway the IFB Project Weekly Roundup is  What's In Your Purse? and I thought I might take a crack at it. I've got the following

  1. Say YES to Carrots, carrot flavored chap stick
  2. Lemon scented hand sanitizer
  3. All natural green tea flavored mints from Trader Joes
  4. Sparkly purple wallet
  5. Coin purse
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Sunglasses case
  8. Bobby pins
  9. Emery board
  10. Hard Candy Lip gloss
  11. Floss
  12. Skullcandy headphones
  13. iPhone 3Gs
  14. Driving permit
  15. Mini Composition notebook
  16. Gold glitter gel pen
  17. L'Oreal Mascara
  18. Cherry flavored HALLs
  19. A Fruit Rollup
  20. Contact lense solution
  21. Vanilla scented body butter
  22. Cinnamon flavored 5 Gum
  23. House keys
  24. Contact lens case
  25. Planner
  26. Cell Phone charger 
  27. Sharpie Pen
I know. I carry way to much crap, but everything is 100% necessary. I don't like to be caught off guard